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How to set up an online shop with Al Seller.

To set up an online e-commerce shop with Al-Seller mail to our support team [email protected]

Whenever a vendor login first-time to their store will have a “Store Setup” widget.

This will give the option to set up store essential setting at the very beginning.

If any vendor skipped setup widget or want to change any store setting in future then they can do this easily from their dashboard as well.

Just have to go Dashboard -> Setting

Vendor’s setting page always shows a profile completeness progress bar on top of your store setting page.

It also shows remaining setting suggestions. This will make your life easier and give the right direction to set up your store.

“Store” category will give the most essential parts of your store –

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Store Name
  • Store Slug
  • Store Phone Number
  • Store Address
  • Store Location

You may set different type of banners for your Store!

Available Banner types –

  1. Static Image
  2. Image Slider
  3. Video Banner

Just to mention, for video banner, only YouTube video URLs are supported.


Payment is also very much essential as without payment setting vendor will not able to withdrawal their commissions.

Payment methods are set up by an admin, and you have to fill your account details.

As a vendor, you may set up your store shipping with all available options from here.

Vendor may set up their store policies from here –

  • Policy Tab Title
  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation Policy

Policies are visible at the store page, vendor’s single product page, order details, and store invoice.


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