Homely Meals

How to start selling on the Homely Meals App?

Homely meals giving you a chance to Earn Additional Income From Your Passion. Add your Kitchen to Homely Meals and start selling!!!.

Step 1. Download Homely Meals My Kitchen App from Google Play or use this link to use it on your laptop.

Step 2. Register for Store

Step 3. Create your store

Step 4. Add your items! Done.

1.Register your Store Account

To start a Kitchen in Homely Meals App first you should create a store user.

Use this link or download the Homely Meals MyKitchen App to create and manage your Kitchen.

There are two options Register for Delivery & Register for Store. Choose Register for Store to create a store user. A store user can create multiple Kitchens.

2.Create your Kitchen

After successful login go to Navigation> Stores> Add New Store.

On Laptop View
On My Kitchen App

Then fill all required details for your Kitchen and Save it. You have to put your Kitchen’s location details here like Latitude & Longitude, If you enter an invalid Latitude/Longitude the map system might crash with a white screen.

You can use services like https://www.mapcoordinates.net/en to find your Latitude & Longitude.

Approx Delivery Time: Time you may take for order delivery.

Certificate/License Code: Fill your FSSAI (food licence) code if you have.

Start adding your items!!

Congratulations you have successfully created your Kitchen, it will be public only after approved by Homely Meals admin panel.

Now you can start adding your items to your Kitchen, from Navigation>Items & Menu > Items. You can manage Menu Categories also from the same place.

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