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With the increasing use of smartphones, now we can have everything with us in just a few taps. And this applies to food as well. You can order food online and get it delivered at your home in a few minutes or hours depending on your order size and location.

And here we introducing our Food Delivery App Homely Meals. It’s not just a Food Delivery App, it’s more than that.

Homely Meals makes it possible to get healthy, homemade food delivered to your doorstep. Food served through Homely Meals is made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and is prepared in home kitchens by real people with a passion for cooking.

How to Download Homely Meals App?

Homely Meals App is available in the Google Play store. Click here to download it from Google Play.

Don’t want to download App? no worry click here to use it on your browser.

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Step 1. Download Homely Meals My Kitchen App from Google Play or use this link to use it on your laptop.

Step 2. Register for Store

Step 3. Create your store

Step 4. Add your items! Done.

How are Stores shown to the Customers?

There are 3 things that affect the visibility of the store to the Customer Application:

  1. Latitude
  2. Longitude
  3. Delivery Radius

Let’s take an example:

There are three stores A, B, and C. Each of them is set in a different location (Latitude/Longitude) with different Delivery Radius. Let’s say A has a delivery radius of 10 KM, B has 15 KM and C has 20 KM.

Scenario – 1

The Customer’s set location doesn’t come within any Kitchen’s delivery radius.

In this scenario, the customer wont be shown any stores.

Scenario – 2

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown Store C

Scenario – 3

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown Store A and Store B.

Scenario – 4

In this scenario, the customer will only be shown all the three stores. Store A, B and C.

How does a Delivery Guy registers?

Delivery Boy App is available on Google Play, Click here to download Delivery boy App.

Before using the Delivery boy App he must be registered as a delivery boy to Homely Meals. Click here to register for delivery.

Download the Delivery boy app and sign with login details created in the above step. Delivery details with the route (Google Map) will be available on the App.

The Application Flow (Happy Path)

  1. The Customer places an Order with a Kitchen.
  2. The Chef gets the new order on their Dashboard and accepts it.
  3. The order is then visible to the preassigned Delivery Guy’s Application.
  4. The Delivery Guy accepts the order, picks-up the order and delivers the order to the Customer.
Click to Download User App
Click to Download My Kitchen App

Whatsapp Us For Support +919567934119

Click to Download Delivery Boy App

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