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Managing product stocks is one of the most painful jobs for an e-commerce site.

Just think for a moment, you have to update stock for 50 products (5 variations each) and you don’t have bulk stock updater. I am afraid to write the line even, you have to edit all those products one by one then change stock and update all.

It’s time to relax, Al Seller is now allowing you to do all this just by a single click.

  1. Create one Excel CSV file with all your product details, sample Excel File you can download from here.
  2. Please follow the same format from the sample file to avoid any upload error.
  3. Provide a unique SKU number for each product. Stock keeping unit (SKU) is an alphanumeric code that identifies a product, so avoid duplicating SKU.
  4. The ID is your serial number, give minimum 5 digits series to avoid conflict with other sellers.
  5. For uploading images, you have to provide web links to the image, then it will download the images from your location and will upload to our servers.
  6. To upload Variable products,( eg: same product with a different colour)
  • SKU: keep same  for all variants
  • ID: give different ID’s for all variants
  • TYPE: parent product type is “variable” and variables are “variation”  

7. Save the Excel file as a CSV file you are done!!!

  • To save Excel file as a CSV file, File> save as> select file type as CSV UTF-8 Click Save.

8. Now you can upload your CSV EXCEL file from your Al Seller dashboard 

  • Products>import products>choose your file>continue.

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